Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Green Thumb Journey

I promised a couple weeks ago in my original "Green Thumb Journey" post that I'd give an update on my garden today.  I'm proud to say that things are going pretty well.

My pumpkin and gourd garden (photo above) has many plants that have popped out from the ground.  Looking at the photo it looks like I need to do some weeding, but I have to admit it is hard to weed a pumpkin and gourd patch when you know they'll grow through anything!

Here a look at my salsa garden (photo above).  I weeded on Sunday but I see I need to do it again already.  I thought about taking a picture after I weeded it the other day but figured by today it wouldn't be that bad...

Both my tomato plants (photo above) and pepper plants (photo below) are flowering now.  I took the milk jugs off my tomato plants on Sunday, and a couple of my pepper plants are getting ready to grow out of the top of their tiles.

My radishes (photo above) still need a little bit longer.  I picked a couple today and the ones I picked tasted good at dinner!  I hope to have all my radishes ready by Sunday so I can give some to my Dad on Father's Day - I know he'd really like that.  And if they aren't done by Sunday I have some relatives coming to Iowa next week that hopefully I'll be able to share some with.

 The best part of gardening this year is that LP is able to be a part of it more.  Last year I did everything while he took naps and now he is out in the garden with me every day helping.  He loves carrying the watering can to the hydrant and playing in the dirt!

How are your gardens coming along?  Any advice on gardening for someone trying to become a "Green Thumb"?


  1. Everything looks SO great! I've been embarrassed to post picture of my garden because of all of the weeds...but I'll probably try to get over that this weekend and post some pics!

  2. I'd love to see photos for your garden. Good luck weeding!

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