Monday, July 16, 2012

Farm Friday (Monday Edition...)

My Farm Friday post is coming a little later this week, or should I say last week, because My Farmer and I were at the Iowa Farm Bureau's state Young Farmer Advisory Committee's meeting all weekend.  This was our last meeting on the state board; we finished our three-year term at the meeting.

IFBF State Board Member Carlton Kjos presenting My Farmer and I
a clock as a gift of appreciation for our  service
We had a great time serving on the state Young Farmer committee!  We made a lot of great friends, made memories traveling to different conferences, and learned a lot about Farm Bureau while on the committee.

"Retiring" committee members - the Hall's, My Farmer & I, and the Dreher's
Our time on the state committee may be over but My Farmer and I still have many more years as Young Farmers ahead of us!  We are excited to move onto different commitments within Farm Bureau and we wish the best to the new board members.

The new North Central Iowa representatives, the Muff's, with Us
They'll do a great job representing our district
Now that I explained why my Farm Friday post is late, I better post my crop report.  This week on the farm we have been keeping busy with hauling corn to an area ethanol plant and with spraying our soybeans with fungicide and Round-Up.  My "backyard" is in a big need for a drink of water!  I hope we get some rain and soon!

The corn is continuing to pollinate.

If you look closely, you can see the tassel pollen on the silks of the ear of corn
Here is a look at how the ear of corn currently looks.  It is beginning to show the kernels which is known as blistering or R2.

My "hog's backyard" of soybeans is now up to my chest!  (I'm only 5'2" though...)

The soybeans are now at R3, meaning they are beginning to set pods.  Temperature or moisture stress during this stage can affect yield through total pod numbers, bean number per pod, and/or seed size.  So this means our soybeans need a good rainfall and nice temperatures, which today is suppose to get in the high 90's with no rain - not what we want!

How is the weather in your area?  Are you too going through the current drought that is across 2/3 of the United States?


  1. It's pretty dry and hot where we are, but that's a good thing for us wheat farmers! The wheat kernels are developed, and now we want it to get hot and dry so the wheat turns yellow and dries out so we can harvest it. My FIL said yesterday that we should be combining by the 10th of August, which is pretty early! And the earlier the harvest, the happier the farmers :) I'm sure you know, it's always a BIG sigh of relief when the crop gets in the bins.

    I had no idea that soybeans got so high!

    1. Harvest coming in is always a good feeling. We too will probably be harvesting early. Good luck with the wheat crop and harvest!

  2. We desperately need rain here too. Corn looks awful around our place. Thank goodness our big birds went to market last week. This heat isn't as hard on the younger flock.

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