Friday, July 27, 2012

Farm Friday

This week on the farm we've started getting tractors and equipment ready for the fall.  We've also been doing a rain dance which gave us mixed results on Wednesday.  At our home place we got .10" of rain - needless to say, we would have like more!  But at the same time, we had some fields get 1" of rain, but with the rain came some wind damage.

Wind damaged corn
As you can see my "backyard" could still use some rain.

The corn is now at the dough stage, or R4.  As you can see, our drought conditions have stressed the corn kernels.  This ear has a poor kernel set at the tip.  Thankfully this ear has 18 rows, but the rows won't have as many kernels per row.

Now onto my hog's "backyard."  The soybeans continue to grow nicely.  The plants are now at my shoulders (keep in mind, I'm 5'2", but still that's tall!)

The soybean plants now have reached Full Pod (R4)

Look at all those soybeans!
and some plants are at R5 - Beginning Seed.

Lets hope we get some good rains so the soybeans can fill nicely and so the corn can maybe recover a little.

Did you get rain this week?  It seemed like a lot of rain fell across the United States but at the same time it seemed to be spotty.


  1. no rain here in northeast ne

  2. Hopefully we all get some rain soon! It has been a long time since we got a measurable rain I feel. I'm sure it is the same in Nebraska.

  3. Do you grow GMO or non-GMO soybeans? (I know - it's a crazy question!) My youngest is allergic to soy, so we can't use ANYTHING with soy in it anymore. I sure hope you get some rain soon!!

    1. We currently are planting GMO soybeans. That would be hard not to eat anything with soy in it!

      Also, I'm happy to report we got some rain today!

      Thanks for checking out my blog from Sara's All in an Iowa Mom's Day! blog.