Friday, July 6, 2012

Farm Friday

This week on the farm we have been busy hauling corn to the ethanol plant.  We also have been busy making sure our hogs stay cool during these high temperatures and triple digit heat indexes.  The pigs in our building currently are around 100 pounds, this means we like to keep their houses at 68 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  When the outside temperature is higher than our ideal conditions we have misters or sprinklers automatically turn on to help keep the pigs comfortable.  When hogs are at market weight between 260 and 280 pounds, we like to keep their houses between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wouldn't you like to be in 60 and 70 degree temperatures your entire life???
As for "my backyard" this week, at the beginning of the week the corn started tasseling, which is the last stage in the vegetative growth cycle known as VT.

Corn Tassel

And now by the end of the week, the corn has begun silking, which is the first stage in the reproductive growth cycle known as R1.  At this stage pollination begins when pollen grains from the tassels contact the new and moist silks.  When scouting this field I came out with pollen grains all over me.  I'm happy that temperatures are forecasted to be cooler and that we have a chance of rain next week, because the largest yield reduction due to stress happens at this stage.

Corn Ears Silking
Here is an ear of corn that I shucked.  You can see the kernels beginning to form and the silks. 
Now onto my "hog's backyard":

The soybeans started their reproductive stages last week by beginning to flower.  This week they are at R2, which means they are at full bloom and have flowers within the top two nodules of the plant.

Do you have any questions about corn or soybean development?  Be sure to leave comments and/or questions in the comment section below.


  1. We just got some rain last night, so hopefully it's headed down to you guys!

  2. That would be great - I think the whole country could use some rain and cooler temperatures!

  3. Yes, we need rain! I also reside in North Central Iowa. Love your post, as it recaps how things are right now.

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog Sara. Did you get a dose of rain this afternoon like we did at home? Wish it would have stayed longer than 10 minutes...

  4. Thanks to Sara B above for introducing us on Twitter! Love your blog Val! My Farmer just gave me a Corn 101 lesson the other day about the pollenation stage, and now I see it in your post. He also explained the soy beans too. This "city chic" loves learning about agriculture! Love your pictures too!

    City Chic on a Farm

    1. Sherry thanks for checking things out! I'm glad my post helped you see and understand your latest Corn 101 lesson.

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