Friday, October 5, 2012

Farm Friday

This week we've been busy harvesting corn.  Since we started harvest a little over four weeks ago we really haven't had a break, meaning we haven't had any measurable rain that has really slowed us down.  There has been maybe 1 1/2 days total that we've been out of the field due to rain.  I know I'd love a day of rain to not only settle all the dust and soil in the field, but also to give everyone a day of rest!

I love helping out in the fall!  Now sometimes that means I have to run for parts to fix our equipment and sometimes that means I get to work in the field, usually driving the tractor with the catch cart.

LP and I riding in the tractor with the catch cart.
LP likes helping out with harvest too!
Having someone in the field running catch cart allows the combine to "dump on the go" so it never has to stop.  I follow along the combine when it is full of grain and then it empties out the grain into the grain wagon that I'm pulling in the tractor while still harvesting.

Combine "dumping on the go" on the tractor with catch cart
The corn harvest this past week has been going pretty well.  Yields are slightly better than we expected this summer before fall work started.  We can't complain about that - especially with this summer's drought!

Lastly I wanted to share a photo of our farm team.  Rarely are we all in one field but earlier this week, one evening before calling it a day, everyone was in one field discussing the plan for the next day.

L to R:  Rusty, Merlin, LP, My Father-in-law and My Farmer

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