Thursday, November 1, 2012

First Trick-or-Treating in the Books!

I'm happy to report that yesterday LP went trick-or-treating for the first time!  

Halloween 2012
LP the skeleton
Last year he was only eight months old so we didn't go trick-or-treating because well lets face it, he wasn't walking or eating candy...

Halloween 2011
LP the pumpkin
Anyways we had a great time last night!  It took a house or two for him to figure out that all he had to do was smile and people would give him candy to put in his bucket.  After each new piece of candy he just had the biggest smile.  While we did have a lot of fun, My Farmer and I did learn a couple things as first time parents of a trick-or-treater:

  1. Make sure your trick-or-treater gets a nice long nap the afternoon before "the night."  Otherwise your little one will just crash once all the excitement of trick-or-treating is over.  (I'm afraid LP didn't have that great of a nap yesterday and once we stopped trick-or-treating he was done for the rest of the night.)
  2. Make sure your trick-or-treater gets to eat their first piece of candy that night.  Otherwise they'll try to eat the candy through the wrapper in the car...
  3. Do not go to a sit down restaurant to eat supper following trick-or-treating.  Your trick-or-treater will not want to sit down after so much fun.  Instead pick up a pizza.  (I'm afraid we tried the sit down restaurant and ended up packing up our food and eating at home.  Next year I told My Farmer we'd start the tradition of picking up a pizza and bringing it over to My Farmer's parent's house - that way they'd actually be able to see LP in his costume!  We had to visit Grandma and Grandpa this morning because it just wasn't able to happen last night...)
So here's to a great second Halloween and first trick-or-treating for our family!  Hope you all had a spooktacular night!

I'd say LP did pretty good for a first time trick-or-treater!