Thursday, November 29, 2012

RIP The Best Farm Dog A Family Could Ask For

I feel like farmers don't like to admit how attached they get to their farm dogs - after all  they're suppose to just be helpers on the farm, right?  But like probably your dogs at home, they become members of the family.  Yesterday morning, my family felt the loss of our dog, Dolly Freckles Krumm.

Dolly September 2008
Dolly passed away yesterday morning at the age of 18 and a few months - which I figured out to be probably about 129 years old in dog years.

Dolly and I November 2003
Seventeen years ago my family adopted Dolly, as she was a rescue dog and spent the first year of her life starved with no shelter and chained up.  Technically Dolly was my youngest sister's dog, but she became the family's dog at the same time.

Dolly and my youngest sister August 1995
Dolly and my youngest sister November 2009
Over the last day my whole family has been thinking of many memories we all have of Dolly and we all figure she just must have lived for so long because of all the love she gave us and we gave her.

Dolly playing on top of a snow drift January 2001
Eighteen years is an unbelievable amount of time for any dog to live, but especially one whose first year of life was so horrible.  Think about that, eighteen years old.  That's like you getting a puppy when your child is first born and for them living through their senior year in high school!  Or for me, it was the summer after 3rd grade through me getting married and having a little boy who loved Dolly as much as I did.

Dolly sleeping on Christmas Day (inside the house!) December 2009
(I guess you could say we all got a little soft and let her in the house the older she got...)
LP petting Dolly in one of her favorite sleeping spots November 2011
I wanted to conclude with a poem my youngest sister wrote yesterday in memory of Dolly:

You were there for me since I was eight,
When I first met you I knew it was fate.
A second life I was determined to give you,
And through these 18 years both of us grew.
From playing sports, hunting and playing dress-up,
You were always such an amazing pup!
Such great memories with you I can't pick just one,
We always had so much fun!
You will always be close and dear to my heart,
I'll never truly feel like we are apart.
I'll meet you again someday in heaven,
You can wait for me chasing bunnies and eating bacon.
I'm very sad to see you go but know life must come to an end, 
Your time here on earth you were my best friend.

Dolly with my sisters and I on the trampoline Summer 1996
Dolly with my sisters and I on Christmas Day 2004
Dolly and all the "kids" at Christmas 2007
My youngest sister with Dolly and
me with our dog Bailey when she was a puppy May 2008
My Mom, Sisters and I with Dolly November 2009
My youngest sister with Dolly and her other dog Lobo May 2012


  1. I'm so sorry Val, I know how much our dogs mean to us. We've lost 2 in the past 2 years and it is SO hard. I'm praying for peace and comfort for your family. I'm so sorry.

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