Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Wrap-up

What a Thanksgiving holiday weekend!  We battled through the flu, had a great time with lots of family and I'm over 50% done with my Christmas shopping!

Our first big Thanksgiving celebration was on Thanksgiving Day at my in-laws.  This is where we had the big Thanksgiving Dinner with not only My Farmer's family but part of my family too.  Thanksgiving Dinner included lots of great food, great times talking with family and blowing up pumpkins with tannerite.

My sister-in-law and mother-in-law with all the great food
before people started eating it (well at least most of it!)

LP with his giant plate of food at Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving Dinner - Post Full Stomachs
Catching up with family - My Farmer talking with one of his Uncles
My Farmer blowing up a pumpkin with tannerite in it
Can't forget the dessert!
Following the big Thanksgiving Dinner, the rest of my family came up to our house and my Mom, sisters and I got busy finalizing our Black Friday shopping lists and plan of attack for the night/morning/day.

My side of the family Thanksgiving night
Nine years ago we started Black Friday shopping because of a college writing assignment, I was suppose to experience something new and write about it!  This year was a new record for us, we Black Friday shopped from 8:30pm to 2pm - that is 17.5 hours!  We were all exhausted by the end of the day but we just have so much fun Black Friday shopping!  Also, another fun note about Black Friday this year - we had snow flurries!  No snow stuck to the ground but it was fun driving from store to store listening to Christmas music and watching the snow fall from the sky!

Me in my TGIBF shirt
Thank God It's Black Friday!
Waiting in line at our first store of the night - Target
Got all of our stuff and Wal-Mart, plus "ordinary" items too
(I came home with some paper plates...)
This little boy was tired at Kohl's
(His family was going home after they checked out thankfully)
End of the car ride was a tight fit for those in the back seat
Couldn't see out the back end of the car by the end of the day!
Then on Saturday most of our family left, with the exception of one of my sisters who ended up getting the flu so she stayed at our house, since we had already had the bug make a run through our family.  I guess you could say we quarantined her at our place.  On Saturday, I also made a quick trip into our county seat to do a little bit of shopping for Small Business Saturday.

And then yesterday ended a long but fun weekend with afternoon naps for the whole household after church and my first glass of egg nog of the season!  Plus, I started early on my Cyber Monday shopping!

Mmmm Egg Nog!
We feel very blessed this Thanksgiving and hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too.  What was your favorite part of the Thanksgiving weekend this year?


  1. You guys are CRAZY for doing that much shopping! Holy smokes! Oh, and I got the oven mitts-they're adorable! Thank you!

    1. It is a little crazy but we just have so much fun! I am not that much of a shopper so it is good for me to get as much shopping done in one day as possible.

      Glad you got the oven mitts!

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