Friday, May 17, 2013

Farm Friday

Welcome to the first Farm Friday of the year!  Throughout the growing season I'll be giving a couple Farm Friday updates a month.

Tis the season for spring planting of our corn and soybean crops.  Planting has been a little late this year due to cool and wet conditions, and delayed even because of a late snow storm.  But the weather window finally flew open this week and we were able to get a lot of corn planted, along with tillage work and herbicide application, before a rain storm popped up last night.

My Farmer planting corn
This week was just what we were looking for to get a lot of ground covered.  Sunny skies and windy conditions allowed for quick drying and a warm up of the soil.  The rain we got last night will probably keep us out of the field for a day, but hey - that means the lawn can get mowed right!

My Farmer and LP hopping into the tractor to plant some corn
Do you have questions about corn and soybean planting?

Also, wanted to share some posts from last year for all the farmer's wives and farmers out there:

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  1. These photos remind me of my trip to Iowa last fall...visiting a real farm was one of the best trips we have taken as a family!