Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hump Day Bump Report

Well, I'm still here and pregnant!  And to tell you the truth, I wonder if this baby is going to be born in June, rather than May, like My Farmer and I always thought...  Oh well, like we say, the baby will come when the baby is ready.  Here is this week's Hump Day Bump Report:

  • How far along?  38 Weeks Down - 2 Weeks To Go!
  • Baby size:  Pumpkin
  • Baby milestone:  The baby may have an inch or more of hair at this point.
  • How did your doctor's appointment go this week?  Are you dilated?  My appointment went well.  Things are looking good and I have started dilating!  Granted I was only less than 1 cm dilated but hey, at least it is a start!
  • How is the "to do" list coming along?  I think I pretty much have everything bought that I wanted to buy.  Now I just need to do some baby laundry, set up the bassinet, install the car seat and pack the hospital bag.  
  • How is the "nesting" going?  Besides what I mentioned for the "to do" list, I also want to put together a few more freezer meals, as well as probably get some pantry ingredients for quick-fix meals.  I also in general just want to do some more laundry for the entire household and clean My Farmer's and my bedroom.
  • Any swelling now?  I shouldn't have said anything a couple weeks ago - I have started getting a little swelling in my feet and fingers.  All I have to say is thank goodness it is nice enough to wear sandals and I'm thankful my wedding ring still fits!
  • Any crazy or unexpected pregnancy symptoms?  This was unexpected for me, I have had a few mornings where I have woken up with a charley horse in one of my legs.  One morning it was so bad I couldn't sit up to massage it or get up to stand on it, so I had to wake up My Farmer to help me - probably not the best thing, initially he thought it was "time"!  He sure got moving right away but as soon as I said I needed him to massage my charley horse in my calf, he calmed down and went back into half-way asleep mode.
  • Are you planning on doing anything fun to destress before the baby arrives?  I got a pedicure before my doctor's appointment earlier this week and if we can't be in the field tomorrow, My Farmer and I are going to go to the movies and have a little date - just the two of us.  So part of me really wants it to be too wet to be in the field so we can go on a date but then the farmer in me knows that if we can be, it'd be best if we could actually be in the field.
  • Emotions:  Still feeling good and pretty easy going.  I got pretty active working on my to do list and nesting last week but after my appointment and finding out I was less than 1 cm dialated I have eased back on getting things done, which is too bad, because I really need to get things done still.
Don't forget to place your bets on my blog's facebook page if you think MP will be a boy or a girl and when you think MP will arrive!  And if you missed it, check out last week's Hump Day Bump Report.


  1. Ugh I remember those charley horses. They would wake me at night and I would scream in pain. I was so thankful that I made freezer meals. What do you have or plan on freezing? I hope you do get your date.

    1. I had never heard of anyone having charley horses while pregnant before but my doctor reassured me that many women get them. Good to hear from someone who also has had them before!

      As for freezer meals I'm going with lasagna, sloppy joe meat, burritos and an enchilada casserole for now. I'll probably make another batch of ham salad soon too. I think the big thing will be having my pantry full with quick fix items that I can make a meal out of in a half hour. I'm actually working on my grocery list this morning to get today.

  2. Hi Val!
    It was so nice to hear from you sister on my post the other day! Thinking of you now and your final days of pregnancy. May God's face just SHINE UPON YOU GIRL! :) ~Blessings, Amy

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