Friday, July 26, 2013

How is it July 26th? Summer Bucket List Update!

Has anyone else's month of July been flying by like mine?  Actually, lets be real, anyone else's summer been going by way too fast?  To tell you the truth, summer is not my favorite season of the year - in fact, it might be my least favorite season, but I have been having a blast this summer!  (And I think it has shown in my blogging because I haven't been very consistent with blogs lately...)

I may have not been doing very well blogging lately, but I do think we have been doing a pretty good job checking off things on our Family Summer Fun Bucket List!  We still have quite a bit to do but I think we'll be able to get most of the things done within the next couple of months.  Here is how we currently stand on our Summer Bucket List:
  1. Go to the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines (and invite my Grandma S/LP's Great-Grandma to come along)
  2. Ride the Train at the Boone Scenic Valley Road (and invite my Grandpa & Grandma K/LP's Great-Grandparents to come along)
  3. Go to the County Fair
  4. Go to the State Fair
  5. Visit a New Midwest Town/Landmark
  6. Go Camping at Pine Lake with Friends
  7. Go on a Family Vacation
  8. Sign-up for the Summer Reading Program at our Local Library
  9. Participate in the Latimer Fun Day 5K Run/2 Mile Walk
  10. Go Swimming at the Swimming Pool
  11. Go Golfing
  12. Go on a Nature Walk at Beeds Lake
  13. Have a Picnic at Clear Lake's Beach
  14. Watch Fireworks for the 4th of July
  15. Have Family Dates (Mom & Dad, Mom & LP, Mom & MP, Dad & LP, Dad & MP)
Go to the County Fair
The Franklin County Fair was last week and we went to the fair a couple different times.  Some of our favorite things were going through the 4-H Building, riding the train, going to the rodeo and eating great fair food!  Here are a couple photos from our adventures at the fair:

LP watching the rodeo
MP at her first rodeo
MP and LP enjoyed the train ride (even if the photo doesn't really show it...)
MP having her photo taken in the 4-H Building in her 4-H onesie
MP in her Future 4-Her onesie
My Farmer (second from right) grilling with the County Pork Producers for
the County Farm Bureau Burger Feed
Family photo after the Burger Feed
LP having fun on the grandstand gates as
Mom and Dad take tickets for the Jared Neiman concert
Sign up for the Summer Reading Program
We not only signed up for the Summer Reading Program at our local library but we also completed the program last week.  One of LP's favorite places to go is the library.  I hope he continues his love for reading as he grows older.

LP standing outside our local library wearing his library shirt
and carrying his bucket that he received as part of
the summer reading program
Participate in the Latimer Fun Day 5K Run/2 Mile Walk
Last year I participated in my first 5K ever and so this summer I wanted to do another, but this time walk it, since I just gave birth at the end of May.  So I packed up the kids in the stroller and we participated in our local town's celebration's Fun Run/Walk.

Getting ready to participate in the Fun Run/Walk with LP and MP in the stroller
Go Swimming at the Swimming Pool
Well, I'm kind of cheating on this one...  My idea was to go to our local swimming pool (which I still want to do) but the kids and I did go swimming in a hotel while traveling to one of my cousin's graduation party.

MP and I getting into the pool
LP, MP and I all had a great time swimming
Have a Picnic at Clear Lake
One day after running errands in the area, LP, MP and I had a picnic at Clear Lake and then went to the splash pad at City Beach afterwards.  We had so much fun!  I plan on continuing to do this after future errands trips!

LP enjoyed watching the boats while we had our picnic at Clear Lake
And LP really enjoyed playing in the splash pad
Good thing I brought extra clothes because
LP was soaked when we left!
The Ice Cream Truck also made a stop at City Beach while we were there!
So LP picked out a treat before we headed home.
LP enjoyed his ice cream sandwich so much I think I only got
two or three bites of it...
Watch Fireworks for the 4th of July
We had a great time celebrating Independence Day with some of My Farmer's and my good friends from college and their families.

The kids getting ready for the Dads to shoot the fireworks!
Go to a Baseball Game
Ok, so it wasn't on the original list but it was so much fun I'm adding it (and then crossing it off because I find joy in crossing off things on lists).  Our family went to an I-Cubs Baseball Game earlier this week thanks to Pfister Seeds.  It was a lot of fun and a perfect night for a baseball game.

LP enjoying his hot dog at the ballgame
LP and My Farmer enjoying the baseball game
LP learning about the game of baseball from Dad
We've been having a great summer so far and we can't wait to continue working on our Summer Bucket List.  What is your favorite thing you've done this summer so far?


  1. There is so much cuteness and fun things in this post! Your family is adorable! Your boys sitting together for baseball is priceless. Your daughter is getting cuter each photo I see of her. It be great if we had thay 4-H onesie, I will have to look for it at our fair. A 2mile walk with two littles, two months after having a baby! Go mama go! That is awesome and a lot of 2s!

    1. Thanks! As for the 4-H onesie, I got ours from the Iowa 4-H Foundation at the Iowa State Fair a few years ago. LP wore it to his first county fair and MP now did too! I figure each child of ours will have to wear it to their first day at the county fair!