Monday, July 29, 2013

Moving Up Monday

It is time for a new Moving Up Monday update.  Work keeps moving along on the house and hopefully in the next couple of weeks work will not only ramp up but maybe even wrap up!

The biggest news is that the upstairs is almost done!  Every room has been painted, along with every closet, the hallway and the stairwell thanks to My Mom, My Farmer and My Father-in-Law.  Work that still needs to be done in the upstairs includes carpet being installed in the nursery and the master bedroom, as well as the half bath needs to be installed.  Good news is that I think all of those items will be finished this week!  Here is a look at how the upstairs has came along since the last update:

Master Bedroom paint - Glidden's Partridge Gray GLD808
(Photo taken July 17, 2013)
Master Bedroom new sliding closet doors
(Photo taken July 23, 2013)
LP's Bedroom paint - Glidden's Open Sesame #10362
(Photo taken July 23, 2013)
LP's Bedroom finished
Carpet, Paint, Windows, Ceiling fan/light, Wood Work
(Photo taken July 27, 2013)
LP's Bedroom Closet
(Photo taken July 27, 2013)
LP loves his newly finished bedroom!
MP's Bedroom paint - Glidden's Homemade Custard #10412
(Photo taken July 23, 2013)
All the wood work has been cleaned-up in one way or another
throughout the house.  Here is the hallway door that opens
into the huge closet that also has access into MP's room.
(Photo taken July 23, 2013)
Half bath paint - Glidden's Partridge Gray GLD808
Built in storage unit installed
(Photo taken July 17, 2013)
Built in storage getting final coats of paint
Sink and toilet ready to be installed
(Photo taken July 23, 2013)
Work is moving along a lot more downstairs lately in the Mudroom/Laundry Room/Office and Bathroom.  All the new walls are up now and mudding is being completed.  It sounds like the Bathroom's tub/shower will be installed this week if not also the toilet, vanity and sink.  And after all the new walls are done being mudded in the Mudroom and Bathroom all the walls and ceilings in the downstairs are going to get texturized so painting can begin in the downstairs.  Here is a look at how the downstairs has came along since the last update:

A look at our general contractor putting up drywall
in the Mudroom/Laundry Room/Office
(Photo taken July 23, 2013)
Mudroom drywall installed and mudding being done
A look at the built in closet
(Photo taken July 27, 2013)
Mudroom walls being mudded
(Photo taken July 27, 2013)
Drywall being installed in the Bathroom
(Photo taken July 27, 2013)
A look at a new vent in the back of the Bathroom closet
The heating and cooling guys are finishing their work on the vents
for the new central air/heat system
(Photo taken July 27, 2013)
I can't wait for all the work to be finished and for us to move in!  We are actually thinking of starting to move all of our bedrooms over to the new house once the carpet is installed.  We'll either sleep over there (remember, we're only moving 3/4 miles away so this is feasible), or still sleep over here on an air mattress, couches, etc., or maybe we'll go camping in our current house's yard.  I'm not sure what we'll do but we'd like to start moving things over as soon as we can.  I think moving rooms as they're ready will be nice to not only get both the new house done and organized, but to also get our old house cleaned up for the new tenants.

Hopefully there is enough progress this week that there will be a new Moving Up Monday update next week!

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  1. Love it! Congrats on the progress! :)

    1. Thanks! I can't wait for it to be finished!

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