Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Check List - 1 Week Before Christmas

1 week before Christmas!  Can you believe it?  Are you ready?  I do have to admit, that my mind has been busy lately because besides thinking through everything Christmas, I am also thinking everything baby, as we only have a week or two till our third child JP arrives!  I'm happy I've been making my Holiday Check Lists this year so I've been able to stay on top of things that need to get done for Christmas.  Here is my check list for this week, one week before Christmas:

  • Wrap Gifts (I don't want My Farmer finding himself on Christmas Eve having to figure out who gets what gift and having to wrap them if I find myself in the hospital with a new baby so I need to get my wrapping done.  Hopefully the last of my gifts will arrive in the mail or via UPS this week!)
  • Christmas Letter (Did you hear how today was the busiest mail day for the Postal Service?  Were you part of that craziness?  You need to get your cards out soon if you want them to arrive before Christmas.)
  • Buy Groceries (Just like at Thanksgiving, I try to avoid the grocery store if possible the week of Christmas.  By simply buying your groceries at the end of this week, you'll save yourself a lot of headache and crowds.)
  • Christmas Baking (This is a great week to look at all of your Christmas sweets you've stocked over the last couple of weeks and start thawing them so you are ready to make cookie platters for your Christmas parties.  If you are still needing some Christmas cookies, check out my Iowa Christmas Cookie Exchange for 16 goodie recipes, including my family's favorite - Peanut Butter Balls.)
  • Christmas Traditions (Don't forget the reason for the season and to make sure you have everything you need to incorporate new and old traditions into your Christmas celebrations.  I think LP asks everyday if it is Jesus's birthday because he is excited to have a party for Him and have our family over to celebrate at our house!)

What is on your holiday check list this week?  Remember to Comment for a Cause!

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  1. You have got it so organized and all laid out. But that is not a surprise because you are just that! I am pretty much done with everything until I get to TX and have to wrap all the stuff I shipped there. :-) Fortunately for me there is not much to wrap anymore. We have pared the gift giving down a bit and really just have a couple larger items for the boys. Makes it easy. Merry Christmas !!!

    1. It is crazy to think how many gifts I have to wrap! We still give gifts to all of our siblings,parents, grandparents, nieces/nephews, and then of course our kids - let's just say, it adds up! Have fun celebrating Christmas in Texas. The best part of Christmas is being with loved ones and I'm so happy and proud that that is what LP is looking forward to so much. He can't wait to have a party with our family and that they get to spend the night at our house! :)

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