Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Check List - 2 Weeks Before Christmas

How did it already become two weeks before Christmas?!?  I'm happy I've been making my Holiday Check Lists this year so I've been able to stay on top of things that need to get done for Christmas, but will have to admit between being gone at a conference last week and then having the flu hit our house I have fallen slightly behind...  I guess that is why it is good to make check lists so you can still feel okay and not stressed out if things take you out of the loop for a few days!  Here is my check list for this week, two weeks before Christmas:

  • Finish Shopping  (I still need to order a couple things online so I'll get that done tonight!  Plus, I just need to review my gift list and make sure I have everything taken care of.  If you are still looking for some Christmas gift ideas, check out my family's picks for this year here.)
  • Wrap Gifts (I don't want My Farmer finding himself on Christmas Eve having to figure out who gets what gift and having to wrap them if I find myself in the hospital with a new baby so I need to get my wrapping done now.)
  • Trim Your Home (If you haven't finished decorating your home for Christmas yet this is the week to get it done.  We still have a box in our basement which probably means I should just make it a garage sale box instead of putting the decorations in that box out... This is a perfect time to sort out your decorations too!)
  • Christmas Letter (Finish writing and printing your Christmas letter and cards this week.  Also, address your envelopes so you can get them in the mail as soon as your have all of your components done.  One of our Christmas traditions is to take our Christmas photo in the same spot with a fresh coat of snow on the ground - we're waiting for the fresh December coat of snow...)
  • Finalize Christmas Menu (Whether your hosting or traveling to other's for Christmas, this is a good week to finalize your menu.  What are some Christmas dinner traditions for your family?)
  • Buy Non-Perishables  (Talking about that Christmas Menu, this is the perfect week to start buying your non-perishable grocery items.  Many of them start going on sale this week, plus it will help ease your future grocery lists.)
  • Christmas Baking (Keep making all of your favorite Christmas sweets and then freezing some of each batch back that way you will have a variety to choose from to make cookie platters close to Christmas.  Check out my Iowa Christmas Cookie Exchange for 16 goodie recipes, including my family's favorite - Peanut Butter Balls.)

What is on your holiday check list this week?  Remember to Comment for a Cause!

If you are feeling behind, check out my previous week's Holiday Check List for more ideas:

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  1. Way to go, Val!! Everything for us has been pretty much accomplished. Not many decorations up this year with our toddler having to touch everything. Since we are not traveling home to Iowa, we won't have many baked goods, but I will attempt to make my favorite Christmas dessert my mom always makes, Crown Jewel. The only other thing we have left is to put together the car seat for our newest arrival in January.

    1. You are doing really good then Val. Good luck with the final weeks of your pregnancy!

  2. How can it almost be Christmas already? Added to your list is having a baby!!! Woo hoo!

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