Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Raising the Best Pig to Meet Consumer Demand

One of our main goals as farmers is to provide healthy, affordable food for people across the country and even the world. In order to have those cuts of pork the consumer wants at their local grocery store, butcher shop or restaurant, we watch consumer demands and in the last two years have changed our genetics to a Large White Duroc crossbreed to meet those wants.

Raising the Best Pig to Meet Consumer Demand

Just like when selecting the breed for your family's dog, the different breeds of pigs have different qualities. We have always included Large White genetics in our herd due to their large frame and ability to raise large litters of healthy piglets. Raising healthy pigs from piglet through market weight is important to us. Then to cross with these important maternal traits, we've always looked at breeds for their meat production and growth efficiency and that is why starting in the summer on 2020 we transitioned to a Duroc cross.

Raising the Best Pig to Meet Consumer Demand
Me with one of our weaned pigs

Crossbreeding is a common practice for pig producers. It allows us to combine the genetics of both maternal and terminal breeds to meet our customers' wants and needs. One of biggest benefits of the Large White Duroc cross is that this creates a large framed pig that can carry a heavy carcass with greater marbling, including a large belly, which is where one of the consumer's most favorite pork cuts, bacon, comes from.

Raising the Best Pig to Meet Consumer Demand
Here my son is showing one of our Large White Duroc cross pigs through 4-H

When you think about the increase in bacon from just a breakfast meat, to a flavor enhancer for side dishes, to a star ingredient in main dishes, and used in countless snacks and appetizers, it is a no brainer that we have changed our breeding to include a pig that creates a flavorful bacon product. Bacon isn't only used in home cooking but is seen more and more in restaurants.

The Large White Duroc cross's large carcass also allows for more pork cuts such as pork chops, pork loins, ribs, etc. that people can cook easily at home, or throw on the grill, which is another growing consumer demand.

Raising the Best Pig to Meet Consumer Demand

We have been very happy with raising Large White Duroc crossbreeds and are continuously evaluating our farm to make sure we are meeting consumer demands.

The next time you are in the grocery store, I hope you pick up some pork! You can be sure that pork farmers are working hard to provide healthy, flavorful, and safe pork from our family to yours. What's your favorite pork cut?


  1. How interesting! We are used to having what we want available without thinking twice about what it takes to make that happen.

    1. I appreciate your comment Carlee. It is something we are always analyzing and reviewing.

  2. Replies
    1. It is amazing how the love of bacon has grown and changed the industry.