Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Sustainable Farming Supporting Communities

Have you ever heard the phrase "it takes a village to to raise a child"? Well, when it comes to farming, it "takes a village" to support and create a sustainable community.

Sustainable Farming Sustaining Communities
The view of my local community, Latimer, Iowa, from my front yard

Today is National Ag Day and it has me reflecting on the importance of our local community. Back in 1882 when the town of Latimer, Iowa was founded you could see the importance of agriculture in the community. When immigrants first arrived to this area of North Central Iowa they found a fertile and bountiful land. Soon farmers had surpluses of products and they needed other people in towns and rural communities that they could trade with for things they couldn't produce. They needed blacksmiths, dry goods stores, livery stables and banks, as well as services to help with their quality of life like schools, churches and medical care. The same is true for today.

Our family farm needs the local electrician to come out to help with electrical work at our grain bins or pig barns. We need the local auto repair shop to help us repair trucks or get us new tires. We need our local banker to help us with loans so we can buy a new piece of equipment or a new farm. We also need services like our local grocery store, restaurants, school, churches and medical clinic so we can provide the best quality of life for our family.

Sustainable Farming Sustaining Communities
The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of Latimer's Trailside Park in 2020

In Rural American, we are all in this together. Just like how my husband and I want to build a sustainable farm for our children to come home to and continue our family's farming legacy; we are also working hard to create a thriving community for our family and future generations to live, work and play in. My husband and I are active in our church and love helping with our community VBS program each summer. I am also the steward of the Latimer Little Free Library, making sure there are books available for all ages in our community. And during the pandemic, we were so proud to see our community to come together to build a new community playground!

In today's fast-paced world, most Americans don't know where their food comes from - let alone who grew it or how it was grown. But how great that living in Rural America we can all say that we have a connection to agriculture. We can see how everyone is impacted by agriculture and how our community supports local farmers. So thank you to our local communities that are standing by and supporting this impactful industry in our area, state, country and even world.


  1. When looking for financial assistance in farming and purchasing of farm machinery, our friendly local banker becomes a vital ally. Moreover, the elementary school, medical clinic, church, grocery store and restaurants are also major contributors towards improving the quality of life of our family.

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