Friday, May 26, 2023

2023 Family Summer Bucket List + FREE Printable

The unofficial start of summer is here with Memorial Day Weekend so our family sat down to make our annual Summer Bucket List!

2023 Family Summer Bucket List + FREE Printable

Create your own Summer Bucket List with my FREE Printable
As a to-do list fan I love the bullet notes and calendar space so you can think how to schedule everything 😉

For the last several years we have used this template for our Summer Bucket List and have had good success with it. It helps us narrow down our ideas, and it also helps us plan out and think through our activities monthly. It can be a little overwhelming to think of the whole summer, so breaking it up into stretches, likes months, helps make it more manageable. Our Summer Bucket Lists over the years (2022202120202019201820172016201520142013) have not only created a lot of great memories, but several have become family traditions.

So let's dig into this year's list a bit further! To start with we will go to the calendar activities. Each month we think of an activity or two that matter the most to us. In June, we always look forward to our annual Iowa Ice Cream Road Trip and we are looking forward to Yurting with friends. In July we are going to be busy preparing for and exhibiting at our local Franklin County Fair. To end the summer, in August, we are excited for our community VBS, going on a family vacation and going to the Iowa State Fair. We don't have our vacation plans finalized yet, but we might just make our vacation a weekend in Okoboji, which made this year's list!

Now moving onto our bullets for this year. Our kids wanted to make sure that we took time this summer to go golfing, go to the pool and go to the library. We also put camping on our list again this year which will include backyard tent camping and a stay at the Clear Lake Yurts. We'll have to see if we can find another fun place or way to camp too! Another item that is a big must is that the kids have requested a Cousin Sleepover. We have been building an "ultimate garage" so the kids have decided the best way to celebrate the completion of that project is by having all of their cousins over for the weekend.

Have you watched the TV show "Is It Cake" on Netflix. Our family loved the show and thanks to our middle daughter she has come up with a whole plan for our family to do our own version where each kid bakes and decorates their own cake. This could be interesting... and by the way, does anyone want to come over for dessert? I think we'll need more taste testers than just the six of us with four cakes!

We are also excited to go on some adventures this summer. Last year our family fell in love with the Lake Okoboji, Iowa area and have actually visited three times within the last year. We stayed at Crescent Beach Family Resort last August and the kids said they want to go back this summer. We also want to make a trip to Dubuque, Iowa to ride the Fenelon Place Elevator, which is the world's shortest and steepest railroad. The kids have always seen the elevator when we have visited Dubuque but we've never had a chance to take a round trip up and down the bluff.

What is on your summer bucket list?  Do you have any recommendations to help us complete ours?

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