Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ice, Rain and Snow Oh My!

Ironically my last blog post was about how beautiful winter is in Iowa.  Now, for the last few days we've been having the exact weather that people dread during winter...

It all started with an ice storm on Sunday and Monday, along with heavy fog all day Monday.

Look how weighed down one of our lilac bushes is due to the ice
and how low the neighboring trees branches are hanging to the ground
Ice was coating everything - trees, bushes, grass, vehicles, the house, etc.
See how foggy it is, at the bottom of the photo you can kind of see the ground through the fog
Thunderstorms and rain Monday night and Tuesday.

The thunderstorm and rain left everything very wet
We usually have puddles like this in April, not January...
And now this morning we wake up to snow, with wind to pick up later today.

Our dog Bailey taking a mid-morning nap in the snow
I don't know why,
but she'd rather sleep in the flower box next the the house, rather  than her doghouse
Bailey back on duty protecting the farm, she'd never want us to see her sleeping on the job!
I guess the only type of weather we're missing now is sunshine!  I just have to laugh and smile and say, this is winter in Iowa!  I'm just happy that we've been getting precipitation!  After the 2012 drought, I'm concerned with what sub-soil moisture we have left and what conditions our 2013 crops will have to try to grow in.  So bring on the moisture, in whatever form it comes!

Hope you all are taking care in whatever weather conditions come your way!


  1. Those photos of Bailey are hilarious! At first I thought she was a bush covered with snow.

  2. Dogs - they are always a source of entertainment!

  3. Awesome dog photos. Also, I'm with you, we love the moisture. Ok, not the snow and ick, but the water is so appreciated. The weatherperson said Oh No, more snow! I emailed her, Yeah! more snow. She apologized. Hope all is well with babies,outside and in.

  4. I can't imagine leaving my dog outside in the cold and snow like that. I think it's horrible! Dogs are family and should be in a nice warm home with their family.

    1. When it is cold outside we do bring our dog inside, but she does have a dog house with blankets and straw that is blocked from the wind that she goes in. Our dog actually prefers being outside due to her heavy winter coat she produces. When she does come inside, not before too long she usually wants to go back out because she is actually uncomfortably warm. Our dog also loves to be in the snow - playing, running and even taking a nap in it.

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