Friday, January 25, 2013

The Beauty of Winter in Iowa

I know I've said it before, I love winter!  Technically, my favorite season is fall, but winter comes in a close second.  So many times I hear people at the grocery store, gas station, church, etc., complaining about winter.  They complain that it is cold, that it is boring, and that it is just kind of a blah time of year.  To all those that don't think there is a special beauty to winter, here are a few photos I've taken this winter that I hope will make people smile and cherish this special season we call winter.

My inspiration for this blog post - a bald eagle in one of our fields
My Farmer and I were commenting today
how there are so many more bald eagles in Iowa  now
than we have ever seen before
There is just something about winter sunsets (and sunrises)
The extra cold moisture in the air brings out beautiful colors in the sky
Ice and Snow - the two things people complain about the most during winter
But don't they look beautiful on this tree!


  1. Love the sunset! That's so funny, because that's what our summer sunsets look like, lol.

    1. I can't believe the sunsets and sunrises this winter. They have been beautiful! Not that we don't have pretty sunsets and sunrises the rest of the year but something about this winter has caused vibrant colors almost every night and morning.

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