Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What I've Learned About the iPad Since Christmas

Did anyone get an iPad for Christmas this year?  Well, my family did, in a way.  One of the seed companies we bought corn from gave customers a new iPad 4 - 32 GB, as a thank you gift.  I say thank you loosely because in the end, we really paid for it, but it was a nice perk from buying from them this year!  Anyways, My Farmer and I have always been PC people and have stayed far away from any Apple/Mac products.  But we are happy with our new iPad and have enjoyed using it.

LP might just enjoy the iPad the most out of the whole family
I figured I'd share a few tricks to the iPad we've learned by "playing around" on it and by going to an iPad class offered through an area Verizon dealer store, Cell Tech in Hampton and the Greater Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, along with some of our family's favorite apps.

iPad Tips and Tricks:
  • To move an app to a different location or different page, hold down on the app till it starts shaking, at this point you can move it to where you'd like.
  • To make folders of apps, for example - we have all of my son's apps in one folder, make the apps shake, then drag apps you'd like grouped together on top of each other.  This will create a folder that you can then give a name.
  • To multi-task, double-click the home button and it will bring up all your apps as a bottom scroll bar, you can then bring up another program while saving your spot on another app.
Favorite iPad apps:
  • My Farmer's favorite apps:  
    • AgPhDMain - farming programs and tools from the Hefty brothers
    • AgPhD Fert. Removal - you select a crop such as corn and it tells you the fertilizer removal information for it
    • Angry Birds - My Farmer use to have this game on his phone but deleted it because it was so addicting - he says it is even better on a bigger screne! (we might need to delete it in the future... and not just because of him, we all play it!)
  • LP's favorite apps:  
    • PBS Kids - if you're traveling this is great because it has full episodes of all the PBS Kids television programs - LP loves "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood"
    • Farmyard - this is wear you build your own farm by adding animals, farmers, tractors, etc. - everytime you add something to your farm scene it says what it is and makes the sound
    • I Hear Ewe - it has a variety of farm and jungle animals, as well as different forms of transportation on it and as you click on something it will say the name along with the sound it makes
  • My favorite apps:  
    • Evernote - if you're a note taker this is a great program that sinks your To Do list between your phone, iPad, computer, internet, etc.
    • Bible - a nice tool to easily search for a bible verse, bible chapter, etc. or just to read the Bible from
    • Ant Smasher - this is another addicting game that the whole family enjoys playing where you smash ants, but watch out for the bees!
Do you have any iPad tips or tricks that you can share?  What are your favorite iPad apps?


  1. Favorite app in our house right now... Flow Free or Flow Free Bridges. :)

    1. Will have to check it out - thanks for sharing!