Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Quick Blogging Brief

And now, a quick blogging brief from our sponsors...

Or should I say from the writer or owner or I don't know - it's from me!  So, I wanted to let you all know that I've done two updates to my blog lately.

  • First, all comments will now need to correctly type a "word verification" before the comments will be posted.  I hate having to do this but I have been receiving a lot of spam comments lately, which then makes me go into my blog and delete them, which then made me accidently delete some actual user/friend/follower comments.  Like I said, I hate to do this, but the amount of spam I have been receiving lately has been driving me crazy and this is one of the easiest ways I figure I can keep my sanity!  I hope you all understand.  Please keep posting comments - I love hearing from my readers!
  • Second, for those that use Google Reader to read blogs, you probably have heard or seen that Google Reader is shutting down July 1st.  I even noticed today that Google took the Reader link off its top menu bar.  I loved using Reader to keep up to date on all the blogs I follow, so with the news of Reader going away I searched for a replacement and I have decided to go with Bloglovin.  First, it is easy to transfer your Reader list to Bloglovin.  Second, Bloglovin has easy tools to categorize your blogs that you follow and I love how you can look at similar blogs to those that you already follow if you're looking at expanding your blog network.  Here is the direct link to my blog!
Thank you all for going through these changes with me.  I hope this "quick blogging brief" is helpful for all of you!

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  1. When I logged on yesterday to google reader and didn't see it, I freaked out! So I made the switch to bloglovin yesterday. I don't love it as much, but hey, it's a good place to keep all of your blogs in one spot. And I do like the category thing too.

    I don't get any spam from my comments, and I don't have the verification on there. But I also have my comments approved by me before they are published, so it's easier to manage them that way.