Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hump Day Bump Report

My winter exercise routine - leg presses with LP
This is week 29 and I do have to say that I'm definitely starting to feel like I'm in the final trimester.  Here are ten questions to let you know how my pregnancy is going:

  • How far along?  29 weeks down - 11 to go!
  • Baby size:  Acorn Squash
  • Baby milestone:  The baby is growing white fat deposits under its skin which is giving the baby a surge in energy
  • Due date story:  So... when we first got pregnant and had our first ultrasound the baby was moving so much they could never get a good reading/measurement, so my doctor gave me the due date of May 24th according to my cycle calendar.  The following month my doctor checked MP again and thought the baby wasn't that far along to have a due date of May 24th and he switched my due date to June 6th.  Then at my mid-point ultra sound the baby was measuring at May 30th for a due date.  So... officially my due date is June 6th but I've been telling everyone Memorial Day.  The baby is measuring a little big so maybe MP will follow suit of it's brother and come early (LP came 10 days early)!  A girl can hope right?
  • Any new feelings since entering the Third Trimester? Not to get too personal, but I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom for the first time last night - that made me feel like I officially entered the third trimester.  And MP just seems a lot more active which is probably because the baby is getting bigger and things are starting to get more "cramped" inside the womb.
  • How is it being pregnant with a toddler?  To tell you the truth I was a little worried about my energy level, since it seems like when you're pregnant and when you have a new born you can be tired often but so far I think I've managed fairly well keeping up with a toddler.  I do have to say that now when LP coughs he'll run to the bathroom and cough over the waste basket...
  • How are the baby names coming along?  My Farmer and I haven't talked baby names in awhile so we should probably get back at it.  We have names that we like for both a boy and a girl but right now I like our girl names more than our boy names.  And no, we aren't telling anyone any of our ideas.
  • Are you going to take any professional maternity photos?  No, I guess I've never really gotten into the maternity photos but we did have two-year old photos of LP taken at the beginning of the month, so our family photos kind of show me pregnant in them.
  • Food cravings:  Nothing too crazy this past week - but I do enjoy having something sweet for dessert!
  • Emotions:  I think I'm feeling pretty good and am overall pretty happy-go-lucky.  I do feel like things have been busy lately and that time is flying by.  I swear it was just the other day I couldn't believe it was March and now it is March 20th!  (But I don't think it is only pregnant women feeling that way!)
What questions do you have for me about this pregnancy or about being pregnant for the second time?

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