Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Ag Day Poem: A Day in the Life of My Farmer

My Farmer starting his morning this Ag Day
As I got to thinking about National Ag Day I thought about my family, especially my husband, who I affectionately call My Farmer.  My Farmer works hard all day, every day of the year.  Many people wonder what a farmer even does in the winter – well, here is a look at a typical winter day lately for My Farmer:  

He’s starting up his pick-up, often before the morning sun is due.
The coffee pot is brewing, to help him make it through his list to do.

First thing on the list is to check the hogs – good thing he has his snow plow ready so he can get there,
See, he’s the first one on the gravel roads, neighbors depend on him to clear the way as much as the hogs care.

After the hog chores are done and the neighborhood roads and driveways are clear,
Its 9 o’clock and time to meet with the banker – I get a call that asks to set out some clean clothes to wear.

Following the morning meeting it is back to the list, he consults his memory to figure out what is next,
Check the grain bins and work on the semi – we’ll be hauling to town next week and they could use a check.

It’s the end of March and planning has started for spring,
But it’s hard to be thinking corn and soybeans when wondering what the next snow storm will bring.

Better run the plow one more time around – it’s getting late and the sun is going down.
Can’t wait to eat supper with the family and play one round of tickle monster before a church meeting in town,

At home at last, ready to call it a night,
Check the overnight trades and go through the bills under the office light.

Kisses good night from everyone, prayers for strength to get up in the morning and go,
This isn’t a life of a super hero or the wealthiest person around – it’s a day in the life of My Farmer, a man I love and cherish more than you’ll ever know.

Happy National Ag Day everyone!  If you want to check out other Ag Day posts from people across the United States check out today's Agriculture Proud blog.  What will you do to celebrate?


  1. Great poem! What a busy life you all live!
    Missing my Iowa right now!

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