Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Blessings From My Family To Yours

I hope you all had a great Easter yesterday.  We were very fortunate to be able to celebrate the Resurrection with so many family members.

Our Easter Sunday started early, as my Farmer and I are youth group leaders for our Senior High Youth at church.  This means we have to open up the church in the morning and start the egg bakes and cheesy hash browns for the Easter Breakfast.  The Senior High Youth is also incharge of the Sunrise Service.  I love putting together the service for the youth and this year's service was based off a poem I found quite awhile ago:

A baby's hands, in Bethlehem,
Were small and softly curled.
But held, within their dimpled grasp,
The hope of all the world.

A carpenter's hand, in Nazareth,
Were skilled with tool and wood;
They laid the beans of simple homes,
And found their labor good.

A healer's hands, in Galilee,
Were stretched to all who came.
To Him to cleanse their hidden wounds,
To cure the blind and lame.

Long, long ago, the hand of Christ,
Were nailed upon a tree.
But still, their holy touch redeems,
The hearts of you and me.

This poem made me think of the powers of our hands, which then made me think about our five senses - sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch.  It was great to have my Mom and one of my sisters and brother-in-laws able to come to the Sunrise Service.

The Youth Group members that helped with the Sunrise Service
Following the Sunrise Service and Easter Breakfast, LP got to participate in the church Easter Egg Hunt for the first time.  A fun thing about the hunt was that after he would find an egg, he'd throw it on the ground to open up the egg to retrieve the candy.  Gotta give him credit for finding a way to open the eggs!

LP gathering Easter Eggs during the church hunt
Our Family Easter Photo - waiting for the second church service to begin
When we got home from church, LP got this Easter basket from My Farmer and I.  He also received a couple items from other family members too.

LP with his Easter basket
Then it was time to go to my in-law's house for Easter dinner.  At my in-laws we had a great dinner with many family members, LP and his cousin went on a scavenger hunt and everyone enjoyed watching the NCAA tournament.

LP and his cousin before Easter dinner
(We didn't even plan coordinating outfits but they went together quite well!)
The Easter Egg Hunt had to be inside the shop this year
(It was hard to keep LP's attention on gathering eggs rather than wanting into tractors...)
LP found an egg!
My Farmer and LP on the Easter Egg Hunt
What was your favorite part of your Easter celebration yesterday?

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