Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hump Day Bump Report

Mom and LP are getting excited for the arrival of MP in less than 2 months
The most common question I have been getting recently is in general, how am I doing?  I respond by saying that I'm doing well and that I am starting to feel more pregnant as the days go on.  So what does that really mean?  Well, it means that I want to sit down more and then whenever I get up I have to go to the bathroom...  And I'm generally more tired so I'm trying to sleep as much as possible now because I know how at the end of the first couple of months you wonder if you'll ever sleep all the way through the night again!  Here are ten questions to let you know how my pregnancy is going?

  • How far along?  32 weeks down - 8 weeks to go!
  • Baby size:  Squash
  • Baby milestone:  By this time most babies are "head down" - getting prepared for their arrival.  (I don't know how long it has been, but MP has been "head down" for a few weeks now.)
  • Are you having heartburn?  No heartburn for me yet but I guess we'll see.  They say if you have heartburn your baby will have hair.  LP was born with a full head of hair and I'm hoping MP does too!
  • Do you think you're "counting down" for the baby's arrival to early?  I've been asked this in the last week and my response is simply no.  We had fertility issues before we got pregnant with LP so when we found out we were pregnant with him I was instantly attached and felt a connection.  With MP's pregnancy we thought we were going to have to go through some infertility treatments again but then were surprised during the month we were going to have tests ran that we were pregnant again!  So a combination of being surprised and then already having one little guy that we love so much it just took me longer to get connected to MP.  But now I am connected and in love and am excited for the arrival of MP!  Counting down is just a way to celebrate!  (Also, it is hard to not know how far along you are when you visit the doctor every other week...)
  • Man you are big!  Are you sure you aren't having twins?  This is another question I have been asked lately and I know of others that are pregnant right now that have been asked it too.  No - I am not having twins.  And I guess I don't think I'm that big.  I've gained 13 pounds so far during this pregnancy which pretty much equals the baby and the fluids around the baby.  Sometimes I wonder if people forget how big you actually get during pregnancy.  Also, I wonder since women use to wear loose clothing that covered themselves up like muumuus and now maternity clothes are in line with current fashion and kind of show off the baby bump, if that adds to the questions???  Overall, if you see a pregnant woman - don't ask her this!
  • Have you bought anything new for the baby?  Still no.  I have ideas on what I want to get and need to get - I just need to shop for them!
  • Are you going to give a sibling gift from MP to LP?  Yes!  This is something else I need to buy sometime too...  There is a tractor back-pack at the local kids store that LP loves to carry with him whenever we go there and then is almost in tears when we leave and I tell him it has to stay, so I'm planning on getting him the back pack, a big brother book and a new tractor from MP.  Also, I'm planning on taking LP shopping sometime for something for MP.
  • Do you have MP's room ready to go?  No, but that is kind of on hold for now.  Check out my Wordless Wednesday photo to guess why...
  • Emotions:  I'm starting to think that I really need to get my shopping list of needs done because in the last week we have known two sets of parents that had their babies arrive unexpectantly 4-5 weeks early! While yes, I'm hoping that MP arrives a little early, I'm hoping he or she doesn't arrive that early!  But I guess this is God's way of reminding all of us that he makes the plans, not us or medical professionals...
So, it looks like I need to go shopping, what do you recommend to be on my shopping list?


  1. Can't believe people actually ask you that! I mean, I know they're joking, but that's something I definitely do NOT look forward to when I get pregnant.

    1. I just put a smile on my face and give my answer. Sometimes I worry about being a little too direct when I respond, but then I think, maybe they'll realize that questions, like those mentioned in the post, really aren't appropriate, or if they think they're funny - aren't funny. Besides questions, I also get the "belly rub" from others - which I don't understand, because I'd never go up and rub someone else's stomach...

  2. Great idea on the backpack! When our third came I had bags for older brother and sister with new books, colors and coloring books so that they would have something to see/do while they visited us in the hospital. 4 years latter they still have the bags!

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