Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hump Day (+ 1 Day) Bump Report

Here is a picture of me at my Godson's 1st Birthday Party
My Godson is on my lap while LP is playing on my feet
I didn't get to my 34 Week Hump Day Bump Report yesterday because simply, I was busy doing other things during the day, and then last night I decided to watch Duck Dynasty rather than blog...

Since not too much has changed since last week I have decided to do something a little different for this week's post.  My sister-in-law contacted me earlier this week for some help on a baby shower game.  She is putting together a Price Is Right Check-Out game where she is going to have ten baby products on display (that the new-mom-to-be will also get) and whoever is closest to the total price of the items wins.  It was fun to put together the list of items for her!  Here is my list along with the prices to go along - how well would you do at the game?
  • 4 pack Flannel Burp Cloths ($8.99)
  • 108 count box Size 1 Diapers ($24.94)
  • 72 count tub of Wipes ($1.97)
  • Diaper Rash Cream ($7.13)
  • 2 pack Pajamas/Sleepers ($8.99)
  • 60 count box Nursing Pads ($5.99)
  • Grooming and Healthcare Kit ($19.39)
  • Baby Gum & Teeth Brush and Gel ($2.99)
  • Sleep Sack ($19.99)
  • Newborn Pacifier ($3.86)


  1. That's a cute idea of a game! I too watched the DD finale. I little sad that it is all over for now.


    hump day