Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hump Day Bump Report

Me, LP and My Father-in-Law at the American Legion Nut Fry
Here's today's late-edition Hump Day Bump Report.  Tonight, My Farmer, LP and I joined My Father-in-Law and several neighbors at an area nut fry for supper and I'm afraid I didn't get my post done before we had to leave so we could be sure to get all the food we wanted to eat.  When we left the American Legion tonight they had served 240 people!  Here are ten questions to let you know how my pregnancy is going:

  • How far along?  33 weeks down - 7 weeks to go!
  • Baby size:  Weighs more than 4 pounds (the weight of a pineapple) and is over 17" long
  • Baby milestone:  The baby is now keeping its eyes open while awake
  • Are you going to pamper yourself any before the pregnancy?  I'm actually going to have a prenatal massage at the end of the week following a doctor's appointment and I'll probably get a pedicure in mid-May.
  • Is your husband going to have a dadchelor party?  I read about dadchelor parties in one of my latest pregnancy magazines.  From what I understand it is time for the dad to have some fun guy time before the baby arrives.  I'm not sure if this will happen (because hopefully we'll be busy planting our crops), but My Farmer does have a bachelor party for a friend at the end of May - so that should cover it, right?
  • How are baby names coming along?  I did spend some time earlier this week looking at some baby name websites but I need to share the ideas with My Farmer still.  Hopefully we'll come to consensus on a couple boy and girl names here within the next couple of weeks.
  • They always say that pregnant women feel hot/warm - are you experiencing any of this?  In general, I'd say yes.  I usually wear short sleeve shirts and even turned on the ceiling fan the other day in our living room.
  • Are you having "baby brain"?  I've had a couple "baby brain" episodes in the past but lately I don't think I've been having any "baby brain".
  • Have you installed your baby car seat yet?  No and probably won't for awhile.  The more room in the car for now, the better.  Since we know how to install the car seat pretty efficiently, it could and maybe will wait till we are on our way to the hospital.
  • Emotions:  I'm feeling well, just really tired.  I don't feel like I'm getting too much done during my day besides caring for my family and house - other things I should be working on, I'm not, because once I'm done doing the basic every day things, I'm usually sleeping...
Any help, ideas or suggestions to help me get more done in my day and not feel so tired???


  1. These next couple weeks are going to fly by and baby will be here before you konw it!

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